Simple Induction Coil

60kW Induction Generator

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we offer the most efficient method of Rapid Heat Rapid Cooling RHRC technology for the plastic injection molding, compression molding, Blowmolding and metal molding industries to improve quality and improve cycle times.

Benefits of RH/RC processing using Surface Induction:

-Cost is less than other technologies both equipment and energy cost part to part.

-Dimensional Stability of finished part.

-Reduced warpage and stresses

-Sink reduction or elimination

-Elimination flow lines, nit lines and gate blush

-Burying glass or filler content in resin as well as class A on cellular molded products.

-Reduced and/or elimination of metallic streaking

-Enhanced texturing.

-Enhanced Chrome adhesion and overall quality.

-Piano black finishes

-Thin wall molding.

-Reduced tonnage requirements.

-Less stress on tool, ejection, slides and cams, tool is maintained at a constant tower temp.

-Enhanced cycle time. Takes less time to elevate surface temperature and less time to cool surface temperature because there is a mechanical advantage over all other RH/RC technologies. Surface induction only heats the surface whereas other technologies heat and cool the surface from the inside of the mold out to the surface.